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   Heat Transfer Labratory

  Mechanical Engineering Course, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

   Faculty of Engineering   Okayama University

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   ○ Flow Drag Reduction and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Heat Transfer Medium with Flow Drag Reduction Additives

   ○ Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristic of Ice Water slurries in a Coil

   ○ Sorption/Desorption Characteristics of Cross-Flow Type Desiccant Unit

   ○ Explanation of High temperature Latent Heat Storage Characteristics

   ○ Water Vapor Sorption and Desoption Characteristics of a Desiccant Rotor Coated with Organic Ssorption Material

   ○ Latent Heat Storage and Heat Release of Flowing Micro-Capsules Slurry

   ○ Sorption and Desorption Behavior of Water Vapor in the Sorption Refrigerator with Organic Sorbent Material

   ○ Heat Influence Measurement of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Performance

   ○ Heat storage and Release Characteristics of Latent Heat Storage Material by Mixing the Metal Fiber Materials

   ○ Two Fluidized Beds Air Conditioning System using Organic Powder Sorbents

   ○ Water Vapor Sorption and Desorption characteristics of Rectangular Desiccant Unit

   ○ Cooling an Electronic Equipment by the Chimney Effect

  Thermophysical Properties and Freezing Behaviors of Microbubble Mixed Water